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Without any doubt, this drilling and driving kit is worth every penny and will get a lot of work done for you. These are steel bits but they aren’t the highest quality on the market, of course. Rather than by every bit, you may need for your projects, save some money and buy the 100-piece accessory kit. This kit comes with the standard bits used in most household projects. 22 drill bits, 3 drill stops, 1 Allen key, 3 spade bits, 9 nut drivers, 61 driver bits, 1 stubby screw drive, and folding case with built-in storage compartments.

Get more for your money!

There are bits on the market that can cost very less each. This set isn’t that professional quality. It is good enough for most work at a light or medium duty levels such as around the house or ranch. True, there are no torques bits in this set, however, if one looks closely you’ll see that while the SIZE of those 15 bits is #2 Phillips, the taper and depth of each bit differs.

So don’t read those reviews that think this is a rip off because you’ll be getting redundant items in the kit. They are all different bits. Something really nice about this Craftsman 100 Piece drilling and driving kit is the box itself. The outside if each side has a storage compartment. So if you want to add torques bits to the set, you can go buy a set of bits and toss them in one of the side compartments.

From time to time, one of these bits may break they aren’t industrial strength and that may be due to metal fatigue or microscopic cracks in the piece. Generally, though, drilling without breaking bits requires you to put some thought into 3 areas which include bit type, speed, and pressure. Woodworking bits are not going to stand up to drilling in metal or concrete/brick, for example, so use the right bit.

Sometimes squeezing that trigger and getting your drill up to top speed when you’re trying to drill into something hard will break a bit; you may need to slow it down. Sometimes pressing the drill too hard when drilling into something hard will break a bit; lighten up some on it and let the bit do the drilling for you.

One of the best parts of this kit is probably the Craftsman guarantee. Craftsman tools and craftsman tool kits are guaranteed for life. It’s a Craftsman and they have a lifetime guarantee.
Take a look at your local Sears store before buying this set.

An ideal toolbox

It would be ideal if you take note of, the shading and logo configuration of this pack may fluctuate contingent upon when the item was fabricated. The pack may resemble the item highlighted in the essential item picture or like the item included on one side. Despite so many changes in its configuration, the usefulness and execution of this drill are indistinguishable. An included conveying pack offers simple movability and capacity. This unit incorporates all the needed hand tools and embellishments for utilization in numerous activities. An included conveying sack offers simple movability and capacity.

The most important attribute of this toolkit is the lithium ion drill machine which works on a lithium-ion battery for giving a long span of life to it and also to its working. The lithium-ion battery is constantly prepared and holds an energizer and this can last for about a year or even more than that depending upon how often and frequently you use it. But it does not matter how many times you use it, it will always give you out the best and effective results just like you have used it for the first time.

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