Astro 1600 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set Review

This is one of those tools that you have always meant to buy, but just never got around to. After receiving them and checking them out, you will see that and you will realize that you had done alright for what you actually needed. The case is made up of some heavy duty material which allows you to work with it effectively and efficiently. Quality is far better than the purchase price would suggest. You will see after buying this that this Astro 1600 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set is definitely a good addition and replacement for any set of chisels in your home or workshop.

With 16 different shapes and designs, the 1600 is popular for a multitude of uses including: bolt hole alignment, ball joint separation, spreading steering knuckles, center punching, and driving out bolts and pins.

Astro 1600 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

You will definitely forget all other toolboxes in your home after getting this one as it is having all the desired qualifies which you require. Even if you are using a toolset which you have for so long, you will definitely replace that with a new one without any second thought.

The perfect set

This is a good punch and chisel set to have around the house. The chisels which have been added in it are having high quality and will do a great job for you without letting you to be in any sort of trouble at any point of working with it. The tools will help you in having an in number hold over any instrument or apparatus which you will use from this tool stash and there is no threat of getting any of the device to get slipped from your hands.

The punches are pretty durable and you can definitely use them with huge success and convenience to drive in many finishing nails to a nice, flush finish, with little need to use corrective wood filler.

All the tools which have been added in the toolbox will also help you out to finally get around to doing a full teardown and maintenance of some of your guns. For the price, they are extremely useful as you are getting high quality toolbox at such a reasonable price that no one else can offer you. Only knocking off a star because the clamshell packaging is infuriating and the flimsy holder it comes in becomes destroyed in the process of pulling off the packaging.

No problem

But it’s all right to have this as well. The rest of the features of this tool box are too much captivating that you will not think of anything else but just to use this tool for everything you want to repair. It really works fine even more than you imagine. Astro 1600 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for repairing anything in your home or office without having any sort of ambiguity or problem.

Product specifications

Taper Punch which are of following variant lengths:

  • 3/16-inch by6-1/4-inch
  • 3/32-inch by5-1/4-inch
  • 1/8-inch by5-3/4-inch
  • 1/4-inch by6-3/4-inch
  • 5/32-inch by6-inches

The Cold Chisels which have been included in this set are of the following measures:

  • 3/8-inch by 5-1/2-inch
  • 1/2-inch by 6-inch
  • 5/8-inch by 6-1/2-inch

The Pin Punch included in this toolset is very effective and will give you out the best results for whatever purpose you will use it. Following are the different sizes which have been added in the toolset for your convenience:

  • 1/8-inch by 4-3/4-inch
  • 1/4-inch by 5-3/4-inch
  • 5/32-inch by 5-inch
  • 3/16-inch by 5-1/4-inch
  • 3/32-inch by 4-1/4-inch

Center Punch has been added in the size of 1/8-inch by 5-inch, 3/16-inch by 6-inch.

Chisel Gauge For Maintenance
Shows the correct angle for maintaing chisel edges

Product material of all the tools is CR-V with hardness 54~58HRC.

These contraptions are created from splendid and amazing steel and finished in high-clean nickel chrome or dull chrome for giving it an astounding completion. Picked latch handles are ergonomically sketched out and have an easy to-use, thumb-worked chat switch instrument.

Astro Pneumatic Tool 1600 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

Binding Automotive
Brand Astro Pneumatic Tool
Manufacturer Astro Pneumatic
Model AST1600
Number Of Items 1
Part Number APT-1600
Product Group Tools
Size Original version
Warranty Sets & Kits do not have warranty/ see individual p
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