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If you are looking for or if you are worried about settling the cracked fixture, hanging picture casings, amassing furniture, fixing bike chains of your home, you should not have to worry about in any case as here is the right toolbox for each one of those tasks you are looking to be done around the house. The pack of tools has been made flexible and it contains 53 of the most-went after hand apparatuses for handling, gathering, support, and repairs any kind of equipment in your home and office whenever you need. On the off chance that you purchase every one of these tools exclusively and not in a toolkit found at the handyman shop, you’ll be needing to pay twice as much as you will pay for buying the whole kit without compromising on quality as well.

Long nose pincers effortlessly get in into the tight quarters and brace down on little protests. A flexible bow wrench turns the pieces of different sizes which have been strayed. A hook mallet which is effectively convenient and reliable to use pulls nails and pounds little to medium-size nails into studs for hanging pictures, mirrors, racking and anything you want to hang or fix at your home and that’s just the beginning.

The toolkit is composed of advanced voltage analyzer along with wiring and testing apparatuses. A measuring tape assists you with scrutinizing things without having any sort of problem. You will find an attractive level which has the capacity to hold quickly to metal surfaces for without hands leveling operations and this will assist you in doing your task as per you desire without facing any ambiguity. The unit additionally incorporates reliable screwdrivers, somewhat driver, bits, SAE blend torques, SAE hex keys, and metric hex keys which can be utilized as per your needs.

All the tools included in the Apollo Precision Tools household tool set are made of 45C carbon steel or chrome vanadium steel so that their strength can be ensured. All of them are treated by using heat and then they are chromed where it seems to be appropriate to oppose the use of all. The handles of all these tools have been made of plunged plastics which have been made of two folds for better grip and also for an agreeable and secure grasp. The cases of all of the tools included in this toolbox are made of additional substantial obligation materials. All of the tools added to the box meet or surpass discriminating ANSI measures which provide additional characteristics to all the tools mentioned. Every device is tried against industry benchmarks for hardness, torque, complete and ease of use so that you may not find any sort of problem or difficulty while utilizing them for various purposes and they ought to endure forever under ordinary utilization. This can make you able to utilize each and every tool out of the toolbox safely and effectively without any hurdle. Instruments are held safely in a solid blow shaped case.

Following are the tools which you will find in the toolbox:

  • 6 -creep long nose pincers
  • 6-inch flexible wrench
  • Paw hammer
  • Computerized voltage analyzer
  • 12-foot measuring tape
  • 9-inch attractive level
  • Six exactness screwdrivers
  • Bit driver
  • 20-1-inch bits
  • Four SAE blend torques
  • Eight SAE hex keys
  • Eight metric hex keys

This 53 piece family unit toolbox contains every one of the apparatuses vital for fulfilling most of the tasks you are required to be done at home. Instruments are treated with intense heat to ensure the stiffness and chromed in order to avoid any kind of erosion. The apparatuses are contained in a tough blow shaped case with an inherent conveying handle for advantageous stockpiling.

Apollo Tools 53 Piece Home Repair Tool Set with Toolbox Storage Case, Basic Tool Set for General Household Repairs and DIY, Includes Most Useful Hand Tools - Red

Binding Tools & Home Improvement
Brand Apollo
Color Red
Manufacturer Apollo
Model DT9408
Number Of Items 1
Part Number DT9408
Product Group Tools
Size 53-Piece
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
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