Top 10 Best Punch & Chisel Tool Sets 2020

Mayhew Pro 61050 Punch and Chisel Kit, 24-Piece

Mayhew Pro 61050 Punch and Chisel Kit

If you are an automotive enthusiast who considers himself the do it yourself type of man, the Mayhem Pro punch and chisel kit is the one for you. These tools feel heavy and solid. They are brushed with a black oxide finish for additional rust protection and come in a pouch so you can store them around your waist easily. This set includes 6 cold chisels, 1 cape chisel, 1 half round nose chisel, and 1 diamond point chisel. You will have every tool you need to fix whatever you need around the house or if you have a business. Lastly, the best part about this set is that it was made in America and comes with a lifetime guarantee that promises your set is durable enough to last for many years to come. As far as chisel toolsets go, this one is at the top of our list.

Astro 1600 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

Astro 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

Punch and chisel tool sets are important to have if you are the type of man that uses tools on a daily basis. The Astro 16 piece punch and chisel set is an excellent set to consider and it is rated 4 stars on Amazon which is a very tough rating to achieve. The customers on this site are not easy to please and know a lot about what the best quality tools are. I personally own this set and absolutely love it. My friends are constantly trying to borrow them so I have to keep them tucked away in a closet. I would say the only thing they are missing is a master set which the company has promised to release in the near future. If this were to happen, I believe this case would jump to the top of the list pretty quickly.

Stanley 16-299 12 Piece Punch & Chisel Kit

Stanley 16-299 12 Piece Punch & Chisel Kit

The Stanley 12 piece punch and chisel kit is one of the best sellers on Amazon and is breaking sales records. If you know anything about Stanley, they are a company with a stellar reputation and produce products that are superior in quality to just about every other company on the market. It comes in accessible packaging that enables the customer to easily evaluate products in the store. Also, you will get a limited lifetime warranty if you ever have any defects or have any other problems with your tools. They do this because they are confident and stand by the products they sell. Lastly, you can’t beat the price this set is being sold for at the moment. At the moment, it is 50% off the list price on Amazon which is absolutely an unbelievable deal. Chisel toolsets don’t come like this anymore.

Craftsman 12 piece Punch, Chisel and Alignment set 9-43115, Made in USA, Vanadium Alloy Steel

Craftsman 12 piece Punch, Chisel and Alignment set

The Craftsman 12 piece punch and chisel tool set is one of the sleekest looking chisel toolsets on the market if you are willing to pay a little more. It has cold chisels that cut think sheet, metal, screws and bolts so you will be prepared for everything. Also, the tools have a flake coated finish for rust resistance and are made in the United States of America. Personally, I really like this set because it has center punch marks that drill hole starting points and pin punch drives pins. You will not regret this purchase that comes with the infamously solid Craftsman lifetime warranty that covers all kinds of defects that your product may have. Enjoy this tool set meant for the tool enthusiast who needs it for his hobby and even the serious builder who uses it every single day at work.

KTI (KTI-72901K) Punch and Chisel Set

KTI Punch and Chisel Set

This is one of the chisel tools sets that not many people know about and that gets a bad rap at times. However, it is actually a pretty solid set and I have added to this list to make it well known. The toolset is called the KTI punch and chisel set. It is made by a family-owned company in the United States of America and I highly recommend it if you don’t really care about brand names. The reason I know about this set is because a friend of mine owns it and he absolutely loves the fact that this set is his little secret. He loves the fact that it includes pin punches, taper punches, chisels and center punches all for under $45 on Amazon. Personally, I like the fact that it is unique and not owned by everyone. This is a company that cares more about quality than looks. They are the true craftsman in my book.

ATD Tools 729 29-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

ATD Tools 729 29-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

As far as chisel toolsets go, this one of the most attractive looking sets I have ever seen. The ATD 29 piece punch and chisel set has seven different types of punches and chisels for a variety of uses. Each punch is hardened and tempered for maximum durability. Flat chisels are tempered and designed to resist splitting and mushrooming. Also, the rolls up storage pouch will make your tools very easy to take care of because they are made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel. This is just an awesome toolset that is very affordable and takes care of all the tasks that you would possibly need to do around your house or in your business. Purchase this set today and you will definitely not regret it. Your only problem will be keeping your friend and colleagues away from borrowing it.

Capri Tools 21073 Chisel and Punch Set with Removable Handle, Black, 13 Piece

Capri Tools 21073 Chisel and Punch Set

The Capri chisel and punch set with removable handle is an excellent 13 piece set. Chisel tool sets seriously don’t get any better than this bad boy. It is made of chrome vanadium steel for lasting, cutting edges so it is a great set if you are hoping to keep it for many years. Also, it is a multi-use automotive tool that removes bearings, suspension bolts and roll pins. They have patented locks that secure punches and chisels while in use which makes this a pretty safety conscious company. Includes a quick change heavy duty 8-inch handle with standard round chisel that fits pneumatic air hammers. You can’t beat this set. For $ 50, you will get 12 commonly used chisels and punches that you will grow to depend on dearly.

SK Hand Tools 29-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

SK Hand Tools 29-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

The SK hand tools is a 29 piece set that is the most expensive punch and chisel toolset on the market. I would only recommend this for the serious craftsman because there are cheaper sets on the market for the casual enthusiasts. The 29 piece punch and chisel tool sets remove loosened pins from assemblies. Also, flat chisels resist splitting and mushrooming which is a huge plus for me. The tools are made of seriously durable materials because they have been forged from premium alloy steel. To top this off, you will get a full lifetime warranty so your investment is secured if you have any problems with this premium chisel tool sets performance. All the professional craftsman swears by this set but only recommend it to another serious craftsman because of its price.

TEKTON 67381 Cold Chisel and Punch Set, 12-Piece

TEKTON Cold Chisel and Punch Set

This TEKTON Cold Chisel and Punch Set is at the bottom of the chisel tool sets list but definitely deserves recognition. Its called the Tekton cold chisel and punch set that comes with 12 pieces. The set is made from high strength carbon steel hex stock. The heat is treated and tempered for consistency performance. Also, this set has cold forged chisel blades that are ground to 60 degrees, balancing edge sharpness and edge strength. The punches are precisely machined for size and shape and finished with a fine polish. You will not believe how easy these tools are to store because of its convenient pouch that rolls up tight and keeps each piece secure when you are on the move. You will not believe the deal you will be getting for $20 with the chisel toolset that comes with a limited warranty.

ABN 16 Piece Punch & Chisel Set

ABN 16 Piece Punch & Chisel Set

The ABN 16 piece punch and chisel set is one of the cheapest chisel toolsets on the market. It was manufactured out of heat treated steel. Also, includes 5 pin punches, 5 taper punches, 3 cold chisels , 2 center punches and 1 chisel punch gauge. With this 16 piece set you can be assured that you have the required size and type to get whatever job needs done. I personally recommend this for the enthusiast on a budget and someone who needs a starter tool set.

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