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Whether you are an expert technician, or if you opt for repairing any item at your home or office, you will have the instruments to handle the most difficult employments effortlessly utilizing the best Craftsman tool kit is the 230-piece Mechanics Tool Set. Definitely, you cannot repair anything without proper utilization of tools and equipment and without any doubt, the Craftsman 230-piece Mechanics Tool Set will grant you all the effectiveness and efficiency which you want while repairing any broken or malfunctioned thing.

Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set, 50230

You will utilize the Craftsman 230-piece mechanics device set in your car, at your office or around the house. The entire toolkit is finely-made is made of alloyed steel and will last you a lifetime. It incorporates an extraordinary arrangement of instruments for taking care of business. Attachments in this toolbox are available in three driver sizes along with ratchets which are available in every commute size, some expansion bars for making the repairing even more convenient, all-inclusive joints, blend torques in both standard and metric sizes so that you may not face any problem while using them as per your demand and want, nut driver and screwdriver bits of various sizes, attractive bit driver and hex keys which also vary in size.

This toolbox is considered to be perfectly sorted out in a tough dark stockpiling case. This Craftsman 230-piece Mechanics Tool Set is flexible, solid and tough for quite a long time of utilization and upheld by the Craftsman Lifetime Warranty. By availing this warranty, you can become able to enjoy the facilities being provided by the manufacturers to you for getting your work done and even if any tool gets broken, you can replace it without any trouble. But do not forget that screwdriver bits are not secured under the lifetime guarantee.


The handles of all the tools added in the toolkit have been ergonomically designed for granting you the maximum level of convenience and ease while using them. Not only has this but as you known while you repair anything, the most important thing is the grip which the tool is having. So, the handles of all the tools which have been added to the toolbox are comprised of strong grip so that you can get best results out of them.

  • They are comprised of a reverse-switched mechanism for operating them easily through thumb without putting any extra effort in any case.
  • All the sockets and extensions which are the part of this toolkit are designed and have been set up in such a way that they get locked in to the drive until they get disengaged with the help of a single button which is not only easy to be reached but also having the property of being released quickly and having low profile.
  • The designs which the sockets are comprised of are unique which you will not find anywhere else with a unique feature of having a corner with a radius of about 15% more torque as compared to those sockets which are available in standard size.
  • This will also tend to simplify the turning of corners which are round in shape and which are having a radius greater than the one which is available in standard size.
  • When the turning of round corners become simplified, it will help you out in having more grip over whatever you are going to repair along with having the ability to get it repaired without facing any sort of problem.
  • All the tools included in this toolkit meet the ANSI standards and they also include the moulded case so that the tools can be stored easily in it.

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