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Specialist 413 Pc. Mechanics Tool Set is a carport in a crate by which you can kick your shop off right with this intense, dependable Craftsman 413 piece mechanics device set. Highlighting the drivers, torques, claim to fame devices and more that you have to complete everything, from full-on motor reconstructs, to tune-ups to settling a large group of home apparatuses, this set conveys for a lifetime. Stuffed with short and profound well attachments, hex keys, ratchets, breaker bars, nut drivers, expansions, pincers and strength apparatuses, this 413 piece instrument set is based to tackle endless employment. What’s more, since every piece is exactness created from rough alloyed steel, it can tackle the hardest occupations and leave adjusting speechless.

  • Add this device set to your munitions stockpile and take care of business right, with the Craftsman tool set. Specialist 413 piece mechanics instrument set incorporates:
  • Attachments, blend wrenches, ratchets, breaker bars, pincers, hex keys, expansion bars and claim to fame apparatuses.

Rough steel assemble takes overwhelming torquing Flat wrenches consolidate quickly getting open finishes with extreme boxes for high torque circumstances Allen wrenches are covered in defensive iron oxide Ratchets incorporate thumb worked speedy discharge and directional switch Nut and drivers highlight handles that kills swapping bits Guaranteed everlastingly Specifications Product Specifications Kit/Set Information.

  • Total Wrenches: 55
  • Sockets: 271
  • Pliers: 2
  • Accumulated additional Tools: 41
  • Number of Bits: 10
  • Total Nut Drivers: 14
  • Number of Drive Tools: 2
  • Number of Extensions: 9
  • Quick Release Ratchets: 3
  • Number of Hex Keys: 40
  • Total working Adapters: 2

Product Overview

Thing Weight is 75 lbs. also, the general Warranty of the considerable number of devices which have been included and included in the tool stash must lifetime guarantee with a stamping Text Size.

  • The standard Units Type is SAE and Metric Number of Tools is 413.
  • The material from which these apparatuses have been made is Alloy steel.
  • The Color of the considerable number of instruments of Craftsman 413 Pc. Mechanics Tool Set is silver which is Chrome plated

Some expansive parts which you are going to see with it are Drive Size of 1/4 inches 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch and the Socket Points are of 6, 8 & 12 while the drive connection Depth is significant and standard.

All devices are incorporated impeccably in a free strong shaped case. It is securely housed in a supportive blow-moulded case. Each one of the apparatuses meet or surpass ANSI fundamental allows for giving the best execution. It contains the It is treated with extraordinary warmth and after that chrome plated to restrict consumption and to keep the devices from getting squandered. This pink contraption set contains the devices needed for most family unit repairs and you won’t confront any sort of issue while repairing anything you need. Instruments needed for most little repairs in your home.

The whole toolkit is proposed for getting into a wonderful degree long life. The toolkit set contains every one of the instruments required for most present-day applications including sets of various sizes which you can never get in any of the toolboxes other than this.

It is having fast discharge ratchets, with a wide determination of standard and noteworthy associations in the most comprehended SAE and Metric sizes al for yielding you a complete wonderful issue. It contains every one of the contraptions required for most repairs around the home and you’re home and if you are in your office then this apparatus stash can in like manner help you with a trip in getting everything repaired without having any sort of issue.

Craftsman 413 pc. Mechanics Tool Set

Manufacturer Craftsman
Model 33413
Part Number 00933413000 0
Product Group Automotive Parts and Accessories
Size One Size
Price Disclaimer

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