Stanley 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit Review

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The Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit is a must to buy toolkit with every tool you require with comfort and ease. In order to complete all of the basic DIY projects on which you are working at your home, this toolkit is must to be bought. The packing of tools is marvelous as all of them have been packed in a molded case for making your tools safe and secure from any kind of damage or misplacement. All the tools are placed incised the molded case in such a way that you will not find any kind of problem while searching for them.

All the specifications related to these tools are in accordance with the Stanley’s ANSI specifications. In order to maximize the quality of tools, they are being made from high-quality steel. They are equipped with reverse switching mechanism for giving you the right quality just according to your own needs. The sockets by Stanley are distinguished from others in a way that they provide a huge improvement in torque and also tend to reduce the fastener wear to a greater extent.

What you will find inside box?

Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit has a hammer weighing 13 ounces, a tape rule of 16-foot, a snap-off knife of length 18mm, a torpedo level, a slip joint plier and a long nose, a screwdriver, a screwdriver with standard tip, SAE which are 8 in quantity and hex keys which are of eight metric. Not only has this but the toolkit also include a ratchet with round head having ¼ inch length, ¼ inches sockets SAE which is 8 in quantity, a spinner handle of length ¼ inch, a bit holder of ¼ inch along with 30 bits in total.

Here you can get the tool breakdown and know how each and every item in toolbox can be used by you and in what ways.

16-Foot Tape Rule

This tape rule is having a perfect size for any job you want to do in your house as it features an end hook which is true-Zero so that you can take accurate and exact measurements.

The 3/4-inch sharp edge has been covered with a polymer to help withstand any kind of scraped area. The simple to-discover yellow case of it is there with a high-effect ABS so that it can add durability and reliability. The tape rule likewise has helpful stud focus markings along with a clip which is called a belt clip for better grip.

18MM Snap-Off Knife

This knife can be used for easily cutting the boxes, packages and many other things like this. The material used for its manufacturing is high impact polymer along with stainless steel for giving it durability. For security, its self-lock can prove to be very useful.

13-Ounce Hammer

This hammer is comps of a material called as fiberglass and help in reducing the vibrations while at the same time it will not make you feel deprived of the feeling of wood. The curve claw can be used for removing them at once and this the rim temper helps in reducing the occurrence of chipping.

Screwdriver Set

Your fastening needs can be fulfilled with the help of this to piece screwdriver set. The handles have been made from a texture which is slip resistant and to make you able to hold it comfortably. Chrome vanadium is used for making the 4 inches bar.

Torpedo Level

The hanging pictures on walls are ought to be straight and this magnetic level can help you out in doing so. For granting durability this level has been made from ABS plastic which also allows making it visible from the top.

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