Top 10 Most Expensive Tool Sets 2024

Not every time you get what you pay for. But when it comes to tools, you rather spend a few bucks more and have an excellent tool set. This will save you hours of your time over the long run. And you do not have to replace broken tools all the time. Not to mention the countless screws you would ruin with cheap screwdrivers.

Wiha 80-Piece Insulated Tool Set

Wiha 32800 Insulated Tool Set with Screwdrivers, Nut Drivers, Pliers, Cutters, Ruler, Knife and Sockets in Rolling Tool Case, 80-Piece Set

The most expensive tool sets are usually purchased by serious craftsmen in order to complete their jobs more efficiently. The Wiha insulated set is one of these sets. Usually, it is just over $2000. This might be steep, but it is well worth it if you can afford it.
Insulated and certified to 1,000 Volt ac or 1,500 Volt dc. Tested up to 10.000 volts! The tools also comply with one or more of the following standards: EN/IEC 60900 ASTM F-1505-01 VDE 0682/part 201 DIN 7437 NFPA70E & CSA. All tools are individually tested for maximum safety and come with a money-back guarantee.
The tools come in a custom-molded rolling carry case and each tool has its dedicated position in it. This way you can find each tool easily and put it back in its place. That saves you a lot of time on location. The case is watertight as well, so your tools will be dry when you need them
Insulated Tools are intended to provide protection against accidental contact with charged energized circuits. For maximum safety, you should still de-energize all circuits whenever possible before starting work on electrical apparatus or conductors. Before you start using each tool, visually inspect insulation on them. Replace the tools if insulation shows any signs of wear or damage to the insulated areas of the tool.

Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set

There is a reason why Craftsman made a name for itself. You feel the quality when you take the tools in your hand. They are heavy-duty and should last a lifetime. You will find everything you need in the handy box. I do like the fact that the sockets come in inch and metric sizes. If I look around the house, I find lots of stuff that require metric tools. No more trips to the hardware store with this tool set. The box keeps everything in its place, and you can carry the tools easily around the house or take them with you to do your next job.

In the box: 3 quick-release ratchets in 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and 1/2-inch drives. 6 extension bars to extend your reach. 191 sockets, 6-point, 8-point, and 12-point, in both inch and metric! An array of 16 combination wrenches let you slip in where the ratchet won’t go. A magnetic handle for an easy nut or bit installation

Gedore S 1400 Tool Set

Gedore S 1400 GM Standard Tool Kit Set of 100

My friend loves old German cars. He repairs everything on his old Mercedes in his garage. And he swears on his German Gedore tools. He has the S 1400 set and is super happy with it. The set is metric, so you will not find it very useful when you only need inch tools! Gedore is in the tool business for over 100 years and uses 31CrV3 vanadium steel. There are lots of tools that you can use even if you are not working on your car all weekend long. German quality – do we need to say more??

Stanley Proto JTS-0105HVAC Proto 105-Piece HVAC Basic Tool Set

Stanley Proto Proto 105-Piece HVAC Basic Tool Set

The Stanley proto 105 piece basic tool set contains 28 sockets, 26 wrenches, 7 staking tools, 8 pliers, 13 screwdrivers and 23 misc tools. If you buy this tool set, you will not need anything else. As far as the most expensive tool sets go, this is definitely the best value simply because of the price and the number of pieces you are getting. The bag is very easy to carry around with you and your tools are securely fastened in place, so you won’t have any problems with tools cutting loose.

Klein 33527 1000-Volt General Purpose Insulated Tool Kit, 22-Piece

Klein 1000-Volt General Purpose Insulated Tool Kit

The Klein 1000 volt general purpose insulated tool kit comes with 22 pieces. You have never seen a tool set on the best expensive tool sets list that comes with only 22 tools, but we will tell you. The custom case includes 3 pallets with custom-fitted pockets for each tool, piano, the hinged cover has both a combination lock and two key-locking latches for security, storage space behind the pallets to keep important papers, and accessory items. This is a luxury item meant for distinguished craftsmen. If you think this is you, then you should definitely buy this tool set.

JH Williams WSC-1390TB 1390-Piece Mammoth Tool Set Complete

JH Williams 1390-Piece Mammoth Tool Set Complete

This Mammoth tool set is the most expensive toolset on the best expensive tool sets list. It contains the tools to handle almost any job a shop is likely to see, in fractional and metric sizes. It has a full complement of wrenches in a number of styles that help you tackle increasingly complex maintenance tasks. If you purchase this set for your auto body, you will never need another set again in your life. You will get a full lifetime warranty with it also which is very important for a $28,000 toolset.

Paladin 4932 Ultimate Technician 25-Piece Tool Kit

Paladin 4932 Ultimate Technician 25-Piece Tool Kit

The Paladin Ultimate technician 25-piece tool kit will fit everything that you need in the bag that it includes. They are seriously that good and this set comes with 80 tools which makes it a pretty big set. Each tool has a dedicated position for easy storage and retrievals for your convenience. Lastly, its lockable rolling watertight case keeps your tools safe and secure. Bring them anywhere you want, and you will turn heads everywhere. You will not regret this purchase, and it is the cheapest set on this list.

Klein Tools 80141 Journeyman Tool Set, 41-Piece

Klein Tools Journeyman Tool Set

The Klein tools journeyman set is perfect for any craftsman who takes his craft seriously. This set comes with every tool you need to get the job done and continually improve yourself. If I were just starting out and had the money for a premium tool set, I would definitely go with this one. It is the best toolset on the best expensive tool sets list for the beginner. Best of all, you will still be able to continue to use them after you become more proficient at your craft so it is a great investment for the long term. I highly recommend this set and everybody else on Amazon seems to agree because it consistently gets 5 stars.

76 Piece Metrinch Combo Set

76 Piece Metrinch Combo Set

The 76 piece Metrinch combo set has everything you need right here. You get standard and deep-walled sockets, screwdrivers, ratchets and wrenches that all come in a heavy-duty storage and carrying case. Best of all, these tools fit both metric and inch size hardware. At $450, you will not get any better than this premium combo tool set. You will get a full lifetime warranty, which secures your investment and ensures you will get the best possible customer service when you require it.

Craftsman 9-33300 Professional Tool Set, 300-Piece

Craftsman Professional Tool Set

When looking through our best expensive tool sets list, you should always look for the best value possible. The Craftsman Professional Tool Set tool set may be the last one on the least, but it should definitely not be underestimated. It comes with 168 stamped sockets, 19 drive tools, and 54 specialty tools that will help you with almost anything you need to fix. You will get durable premium tools for only $500. Certainly worth a look if this is what you are looking for.

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